Bishop Grandin High School in Calgary gets closer to name change

CALGARY – The process to potentially rename a high school in southwest Calgary due to its ties to Canada’s former residential school system has advanced.

An online survey, conducted by the Calgary Catholic School District, revealed that 79% of stakeholders were in favor of changing the name of Bishop Grandin High School.

Only 12 percent disagreed with the idea while nine percent were undecided.

Meanwhile, a smaller proportion of staff (54 percent) and students (51 percent) want the name to change.

The results also suggest that 16 percent of staff and 25 percent of students were against the change.

Twenty-four percent of students and 30 percent of staff were undecided.

Bishop Vital-Justin Grandin was a key architect of Canada’s residential school system.

The CCSD is under increasing pressure to consider changing its name following the discovery of the remains of 215 children buried at the site of a former school in British Columbia.

He says he will take into account the comments of all stakeholders, including parents, staff and students, in reaching a decision on the matter.

Meanwhile, the Calgary School Board renamed Langevin School to Riverside School.

The new name marks a throwback to the past for the institution, which was known as Riverside Junior High School until it became Langevin in 1936.

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