Best Free Parenting Apps for iOS and Android

Technology has made parenting easier. From booking nannies online to monitoring your little one through wearable monitors, several apps have sprung up in recent years to provide useful features for parents on the go.

Unfortunately, some apps can be expensive, making it difficult for single-parent, low-income, and financially challenged families to access services. The good part? Many useful parenting features are not limited to expensive and inaccessible apps. Many developers offer comparable versions of these apps for free.

Excited to take a look and see what you can do with a click? Here is a list of the best free apps for parents.

Best Family Organization App: Cozi Family Organizer

Welcoming a new family member can drastically change your schedule. That’s where a shareable calendar app like Cozi Family Organizer comes in. Anyone in your household can access key events, get reminders, and share the calendar and recipe notes, so all the information you need are available to everyone.

This app can also be used by children in the family who are trying to participate more actively in household chores, as the app lets you create shopping lists, shared to-do lists, and vacation checklists, among other things. planning tasks. It’s completely free to use, and parents can control privacy settings to ensure that only the right family members have access to important household information.

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Best Advice App: Winnie

Parenting can be lonely and exhausting, but apps like Winnie can put a community of like-minded parents at your fingertips. Winnie is a versatile app that helps you connect with other parents going through similar issues, so you can ask for recommendations, exchange tips, or just make new parent friends.

In addition to being an online meeting place, Winnie also allows you to search for child care centers and preschools near your area. You can view photos, check reviews, compare prices, and get recommendations directly from other parents in your network. Additionally, the app also lets you search for kid-friendly places in your neighborhood, such as parks, playgrounds, and local activities for kids.

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Best activity app: Kinedu

Tracking your child’s development can seem like a daunting task, but apps like Kinedu make it easy. The app features science activities, live play sessions, 1:1 coaching, community forums, and expert-led classes on a wide variety of issues relevant to parents. Popular help topics include your child’s sleep habits, language acquisition, nutritional needs, development, and even breastfeeding.

The app combines a ‘play’ mode (full of activities to encourage development) and a ‘learn’ mode (where parents can seek expert advice) to offer comprehensive guidance for new parents. It has a few premium features, but the free version is more than enough – three activities per week, access to over 600 expert articles, and a handy step tracker.

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Best Parental Control App: Qustodio

Qustodio is one of the most popular free parental control and digital wellbeing apps. It lets you block inappropriate apps, games, and websites and only allows your child to access pre-approved content on your device.

Through the app, you also have access to a real-time dashboard to monitor your child’s online activity, so you know if they’re doing something they shouldn’t be doing. Along with parental controls, the app also lets you set screen time limits to manage technology overuse. If you are concerned about your child’s safety, you can also track their location and monitor their calls and messages.

The best part? The app sends you regular reports with real-time notifications to ensure your child’s safety online and offline.


Best Social Community App: Peanut

Have you always wanted to talk about your parenting difficulties with someone who gets you? Peanut might be the perfect app for you. With over 2.5 million women actively participating in the community, you can find friends going through similar issues and chat and get advice on popular parenting and women’s health topics like fertility, pregnancy, maternity or menopause.

If you want advice but are shy to talk about personal issues, the app lets you ask questions anonymously. There are also polls and you can participate in real-time chats for instant support. You can also video chat with your new mom friends and find a group of women with similar due dates for mutual support.

The best part? The app is LGBTQIA+ compatible and has a strict anti-abuse policy so you can feel safe voicing your concerns with other moms.

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Best homework app: Brainly

Sometimes apps designed for kids can actually be a big help for parents. You’ll understand this if you’ve ever struggled with helping your child with homework and wish they could just look up the answer online. Well, Brainly grants that wish!

Popular as a “24/7 homework helper”, the app allows kids (or their parents) to upload a photo of their homework problem and receive a step-by-step solution or an expert answer. If you are running out of time to upload a photo and are waiting for the response to come, the app can still help you. Millions of questions have already been answered on Brainly, so a quick search should help you find what you need instantly.

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Best Learning App: Khan Academy Kids

If you want to supplement the homework help app with a real learning app, check out Khan Academy Kids. Run completely free of charge by a non-profit organization, the app provides access to hundreds of lessons on different topics. The lessons are interactive with various activities, books, animated videos, games and creative homework, so you don’t have to worry about your child falling asleep in the middle of a lecture.

Classes can be taken at any pace. There are no time limits or external supervision, so the app encourages independent learning. The most interesting part? Parents can also download tons of free printable lessons and activities to work offline if they’re worried about overuse of technology.

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