Aviagen Asia Pacific Launches Bahasa Management Literature in Recent Webinar

Aviagen® The Asia-Pacific team continues to strengthen its local touch, now issuing key business documents in Bahasa, the official language of Indonesia. On December 15, the team hosted the Indonesian broiler breeder industry for a webinar with the aim of presenting the Bahasa versions of the performance goals and nutritional specifications for parent stock (PS) and broiler chickens. , which are available on the mini in the Bahasa language. -site of the Aviagen site. This is the latest of a number of local language offerings to the Asia-Pacific broiler industry, which will continue into 2022.

During the webinar, following presentations by Dr Rafael Monleon, Commercial Director, and Greg Hitt, Regional Technical Director, Aviagen Asia-Pacific, as well as Bapak Achmad Dawami, President of the GPPU Poultry Farming Association in Indonesia, Dr Ting Lu, Transfer Manager, presented the translated documents and the Bahasa mini-page where it is located. Aviagen also takes every opportunity to share the latest management tips, and Mike Block, Director of Technical Services for Aviagen Asia-Pacific, also led a conversation on improving feed intake in young birds prior to open the floor to questions and comments from participants.

Nutritional specifications and performance objectives: tips for maximizing performance, health and well-being of the herd

Nutritional specifications and performance goals are important documents in Aviagen’s management advice library. The genetic potential inherent in Aviagen birds is continually improving and performance targets provide customers with a benchmark. Nutritional specifications go hand in hand with goals, outlining nutritional strategies for each stage of development in order to develop healthy birds with good performance.

“We have a significant presence in the Indonesian broiler market and are continually looking to strengthen our support for farmers there. The information included in performance goals and nutritional specifications is essential for health, well-being and productivity, and because we all understand better in our native languages, offering these materials in Bahasa is a way to serve better these customers, while improving their ability to provide people across Indonesia with healthy, affordable and sustainable chicken meat, ”said Greg.

Having these materials in our local language will be extremely useful for our team as we work to apply the nutritional specifications to support the health of our birds and the goals to encourage constant improvement in our performance results, ”added

Theo Tomahuw, Production Manager, PT Cibadak Indah Sari Farm.

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