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International feed grain buyers are receiving expert advice on how to incorporate sprouted wheat into animal rations, following a wet Australian harvest in some areas resulting in sprouted crops.

Australian Export Grains Innovation Center (AEGIC) chief executive Richard Simonaitis said they had moved quickly to help Australian grain traders and international customers with technical information on the use of sprouted wheat. for animal feed.

“Sprouted wheat is actually equivalent to unsprouted wheat in nutritional value for animal feed, unless sprouting is extensive,” Simonaitis said.

“In most cases, sprouted wheat can be freely used as a feed component, as long as all standard quality parameters are in place.

“The Australian industry is doing everything possible to find a home for the downgraded wheat available this season to preserve some value for producers.”

Mr Simonaitis said AEGIC quickly developed technical information packages to support the trade and use of the current season’s sprouted wheat, in consultation with the Australian grain trade.

Developed by Australian animal nutrition experts, the packs provide evidence on the suitability of sprouted wheat and practical advice on how to use it for animal feed.

AEGIC presents this information via webinars to grain customers in markets such as China, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia.

AEGIC is an investment by the Australian Government through the Grains Research and Development Corporation and the Government of Western Australia through the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

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