Assam government to hold statewide health festival

Guwahati: Assam Department of Health and Family Welfare will organize a massive state-wide vaccination campaign to administer COVID and other routine vaccinations to those left behind during the unfolding normal of the inoculation process.

A review meeting held in Dispur on Friday, chaired by Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma, decided to organize statewide vaccination campaigns from October to March to bring all sections of the population , including children, to the immunization programme.

As part of this special campaign, Chief Minister Dr. Sarma said that children who could not receive routine vaccinations due to the COVID 19 pandemic should receive vaccinations as per medical advice.

During the meeting, the Chief Minister also asked the Ministry of Health to set up a digital system for issuing birth and death certificates.

He said the system should be such that parents would receive the birth certificate upon discharge from hospital and next of kin would receive the death certificate immediately.

Sarma also said that a robust organ transplant network system will be developed in the state to facilitate organ transplantation in the state.

He also said that a good organ transplant system would be helpful in saving many precious lives. With regard to blood donations, measures will be taken to motivate people to give blood voluntarily.

Chief Minister Sarma said that in view of the maternal mortality cases reported in tea garden areas, special awareness campaigns should be conducted for voluntary blood donations in areas dominated by tea gardens.

Additionally, National Health Mission (NHM) will organize a three-day Swasthya Utsav with the active participation of 1000 volunteers of which 500 will be from health and 500 from other fields. Photographs of the Swasthya Utsav must be uploaded to the live app.

The Swasthya Utsav would highlight issues such as clean water and access to health infrastructure that are important for the provision of health care facilities.

The meeting also deliberated that NHM will have at least five regional offices in the state which would be headed by ACS officers who will be assisted by other experts in the field. The team will work to improve health indicators in their respective jurisdictions.

Further, the Chief Minister said that the NHM will conduct an assessment of inaccessible areas in the state and coordinate with the PWD for the construction of good quality roads to make health services more accessible.

During the meeting, Dr Sarma also said that the Department of Health and Family Welfare should work more closely with the Women and Child Development Sector of the Department of Social Welfare to make the more vibrant nutrition centers for women’s and children’s health.

For the benefit of patients, Assam Medical Services Corporation Limited (AMSCL) will be reorganized to expand its footprints across the state and operate pharmacies in hospitals where medicines will be made available to patients at subsidized rates.

The Chief Minister said that the Food Security Commissariat would be further reorganized to activate its income generating activities.

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