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Air China has promoted its vice chairman Ma Chongxian to chairman, effective May 31.

The board also appointed him executive director and vice-chairman. The proposed appointment as executive director is subject to shareholder approval at the airline’s general meeting, the carrier said in a June 1 filing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Ma will enter into a service contract to perform the duties of director for a term starting on the date of approval by the shareholders of his appointment and ending on the expiration of the term of this board session.

Ma will not receive any compensation for his tenure as president and chief executive officer of Air China, the carrier adds.

He started his career in July 1988 and worked in the Mechanical Division of the Civil Aviation Administration of Inner Mongolia of China and in the Aircraft Repair Factory of the Inner Mongolia Branch of Air China International. .

Ma has been vice chairman and standing committee member of the airline’s Communist Party committee since April 2010. Since April 2021, he is director, general manager and deputy secretary of the Communist Party of China group. National Aviation Holding, and simultaneously as chairman and deputy secretary of the airline’s Communist Party Committee from May, the airline adds.

The current directors of the airline are Song Zhiyong, Feng Gang, Patrick Healy, Xue Yasong, Duan Hongyi, Stanley Hui Hon-chung and Li Dajin.

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