After getting engaged, the couple set the dance floor on fire People were stunned by the bride and groom’s dance Watch the viral video

After the engagement, the couple danced with a bang

New Delhi:

Dancing is common in weddings. Meanwhile, friends and relatives of the bride and groom are seen dancing fiercely on the dance floor. You must have seen many funny videos on social media so far about the wedding dance. While some of the videos that go viral on social media are funny, after watching a few of them, you can’t help but praise it. A dance video of one such couple is going viral on the internet right now. In this video, you can see how beautifully this couple dances to different songs on their wedding day.

This viral video is available on YouTube. In this video you can see a very happy couple on the occasion of their engagement. In the video, you can see the couple performing dance performances to popular songs like Husn Hai Suhana, Dil Dooba, Ishq Tera Tadpave, Chura Ke Dil Mera. The two do amazing dancing to these songs with great chemistry. The girl is doing an amazing dance, but the boy’s dance impressed people more. In the video, you can see that the boy is a great dancer and gives a terrific performance on every song. Somewhere in front of the boy’s dance, the girl’s dance seems faded.

After watching the video, social media users are giving their respective reactions to it. Commenting on one user, wrote: “People had come to see the dance of the girl, but the boy washed her”. While there, another wrote: “For the first time I saw such a perfect dance in the wedding”. This way people are showering love on this video.

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