A family needs your help to find their missing daughter

It touches me near my home, a woman is looking to find her daughter who has been missing for more than two days now.

When my daughter was 15 she was gone and we found out that a man in his twenties had taken her, we were looking for her every day and were in contact with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. It was over a year before we found her and also found out what she had been through.

This mom needs your help !!! her daughter is 18 years old and has gone missing. Brina, the missing girl, posted on social media that she was “going away forever”, she suffered from major depressive disorder. She did not contact any friends or family.

She was last seen around 10:30 p.m. yesterday (Tuesday 6/9/21) in the upper parking lot at Pontoosic Lake. I haven’t seen or heard her since 9:30 p.m. When Brina (Keir) left in the past, she always checked in to say she was safe.

She has some pretty amazing friends who always welcome her. They are all very worried because she has not contacted any of them. We hope someone has seen her somewhere / anywhere. She only has one skateboard. She is 4’9 “and weighs 98 pounds. She has long blonde hair and green eyes.

She enjoys going to Cumberland Farms on First St. She often wears a black knit beanie. is wearing a black backpack with a multicolored pattern on it. She was last seen wearing a red tee and denim shorts with daisies on them. Pittsfield Police are also looking for her.

The family filed a missing person report. So please, if you see her contact the Pittsfield Police (413) 448-9700 or Kristen Hinckley Morrison or Jennifer Toomey Barnes.

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