20 “vintage” baby names that should make a comeback

There are many unique baby names out there right now, but data suggests that it’s vintage baby names that are making a comeback.

Many believe that today’s parent prefers unusual and unique names, with old-fashioned baby names being deemed too “retro”. But it turns out that, according to data from Lottie.orgseveral classic names could come back to the fore.

Work with Ancestors.io, Lottie.org has revealed 20 different male and female baby names that are once again gaining popularity. The 20 different baby names include the first five male and female names that new parents choose.

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Topping the list and ranked 59th in the world is the female given name “Patricia”, with 5,611,684 having this name. In second place is ‘Anita’, which is 61st in the world with 5,478,714 people. This is followed by the male name Samuel, Rita and Martha.

Other names include:

  • Barbara – 3,977,274 people worldwide

  • George – 3,950,011 people worldwide

  • Esther – 3,566,497 people worldwide

  • Diana – 3,553,640 people worldwide

  • Gloria – 3,346,290 people worldwide

  • Ruth – 3,343,758 people worldwide

  • François – 3,278,211 people worldwide

  • Frank – 3,082,995 people worldwide

  • Oscar – 2,924,810 people worldwide

  • Irene – 2,707,999 people worldwide

  • Edward – 2,636,584 people worldwide

  • Julia – 2,633,946 people worldwide

  • Margaret – 2,552,758 people worldwide

  • Walter – 2,494,319 people worldwide

  • Albert – 2,450,754 people worldwide

The most vintage male name was Samuel, which ranked 69th in the world, and the most popular female name was Patricia, which ranked 59th. To collect the data, Lottie.org used online sources Nameberry, mother and baby, Paternal and Parade to create the list.

To calculate the numbers, Lottie.org used Ancestors.io to find out the worldwide popularity, the number of people with the name and the countries where the name is chosen the most.

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